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Yanhong (Amy) Li, 李燕红 in Chinese, was born in 1964 in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, China. Her father, Shunye Li, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical professor, and her mother, Yuxiu Wang, a chief nurse, were extremely compassionate and caring individuals. Both instilled in Amy a strong work ethic and taught her empathy for others.

Amy immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s with her 18-month-old son. She worked hard to improve her English and overcame the financial and academic difficulties she faced while raising her son. While her studies in China were in Russian Literature, in the United States, Amy obtained a Master's Degree in Library Information Science.

She served the American Medical Association for over 25 years as their Clinical Medical Librarian/Director. Amy also joined the American Medical Library Association's strategic planning committee and developed policies throughout the United States. She never stopped learning. In 2016, Amy was awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA). She loved American History, Art and Literature, and also enjoyed traveling the world. In addition, Amy played the Erhu, a two-stringed bowed musical instrument or Chinese violin, in her younger years, and understood and appreciated music.

In December of 2017, Amy was diagnosed with ALS. As a Christian, she had a big heart, and always loved people and helping people in need. Amy looked for a way to leave a legacy to support research and help people living with ALS who experience challenges from this devastating disease. Through her estate plans, Amy created a fund benefiting the mission of the Golden West Chapter that accomplished all of her goals.

Sadly, Amy passed away in March 2020. She is survived by her son, her father, and her two sisters. She is laid to rest in Temecula, the city that she loved. Her legacy of caring and compassion lives on through her generous and thoughtful estate gift.